19 Month Update

Here is the continued attempt to update this more often. The girls are now 19 months old and are doing well. They love going to an indoor soft playground near our house and climbing all over everything. They also still love reading and will sit on the toddler sized love seat we bought them and ‘read’ books together. They girls are also still very petite, but growing well on their own curve.

El now has 3 teeth with 3 more on the way. She signs more words now including milk, please, all done, hungry, and thirsty. She also blows kisses which is a big hit with anyone we meet since that’s her favorite way to say bye-bye to people. She is also learning to drink from a normal cup and use silverware. Her favorite foods are mac and cheese and blueberries.

Em still doesn’t have any teeth, but at her first dentist appointment earlier this week she had a dental x-ray which showed that she does have baby teeth, they just haven’t come in yet. Their dentist says this is the latest he’s ever seen anyone teethe. Everything else seems normal and she’s otherwise healthy so he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong, she’s just really late. Em loves playing with cars and can sign the same words that El can. She can also say pancakes, her sister’s name, and thank you. Her favorite foods are quesadillas and french toast, as well as any fruit she can get a hold of.

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