Toddlers and Quarantine

It’s hard to believe it’s almost July and we are still in quarantine. We have been participating in quarantine and social distancing since shortly after the girls’ birthday in mid March.

My dad is a post transplant patient and my wonderful best friend who has still offered to watch the girls so I can work from home and have some form of productivity has a daughter who would be described as being high risk, so we refrain going out unless it is a necessity (and wear masks when we do) and we don’t take the girls with us unless it is a doctor’s appointment for them. As I stated I have been working from home. As I do data entry it is completely doable remotely. My entire office has actually started working remotely in an effort to prevent infections from spreading through the office. I spend a lot of time at home as a result and only really see our family and my friend who watches the girls three days a week. Matthew, unfortunately, is unable to do his job remotely as he works in the airline industry. We have worked out a system to help keep myself and the girls as safe as possible and he does take additional precautions at work to try and prevent himself from getting sick.

The twins playing with bubbles with one of their Aunties

Quarantining with toddles can definitely be a challenge in AZ as especially right now, it is too hot to do outdoor activities with them. I have started trying to get the girls interested in crafts, though I’m not super crafty myself so I know I may be failing at this some days. We have tried Play-Doh, which isn’t a huge hit yet. The girls don’t like the feeling of it on their hands so they don’t like touching it. Coloring sometimes works, but more often then not it turns into just wanting to go over the colors of the crayons, which I see as a great learning opportunity. We do have two kids tablets for the girls and give them some screen time to play games or watch toddler appropriate shows on them. They like Daniel Tiger, Wishenpoof, Blippi, Team Oomie Zoomie, and Bubble Guppies. They also still love reading and playing pretend with their play kitchen and building towers with their blocks.

Em is starting to really get her colors and can count to 5 and knows the first 5 letters of the alphabet. She also talks a lot and will repeat back almost anything you say so we are really having to watch what we say around her now. She loves anything fuzzy and wants to pet any dog or cat she sees. Her favorite foods right now are chicken nuggets, peas, mac and cheese, cheese, french fries, broccoli, enchiladas, hamburgers, waffles, sweet stuff, and pretty much anything mommy is eating. She doesn’t like bed time right now and tries to find ways of delaying it. She also loves to pick out her own clothes (especially dresses), playing with trucks, and watching football.

The Twins Building with Blocks together

El is starting to talk more, though enunciation is still a problem for her. I think a lot of it is pure stubbornness on her part, which she gets from both her mommy and her daddy. She also loves to carry around and care for her stuffed animals. El loves laying down for naps and getting her back rubbed. Her favorite animals is still sharks and fishies and right now really likes saying the word “fox” as loud as she can. Her favorite foods are cheese, milk, french fries, chips, berries, gold fish, and chocolate. El is great at picking out her own clothes and getting herself dressed including her shoes which she loves putting on herself. She also likes having alone time and just sitting and playing by herself (which is something her mommy did as a child, too).

What is your family doing to keep busy during the quarantine?

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