5 Self Care Favorites

Can I just say, quarantine is hard. Quarantine with toddlers is hard. Quarantine when you are an extrovert is hard. Quarantine when you have health problems is hard. It’s hard to do basic everyday things, it’s hard to entertain almost 3 year olds when you can’t go to the zoo or aquarium or go shopping with them (which my girls love doing lol), it’s hard getting your mental health in a good place when you just want to be around people but can’t, and it’s hard to see your doctor and get good care when you can’t see them in person. But even with all this hard there are still ways to care for yourself. Over the past 47ish weeks of quarantine I’ve found some of my favorite methods of self care. I thought I would share them in case anyone else is having a hard time finding ideas to take a break for themselves mentally. Note: This is not sponsored by anything and some links may be referral links. While I do not receive financial compensation from them I may get reward points if you use them.

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