Two Year Update

It has been a while, but I am trying to update the blog more. The girls are 2 years old and getting bigger every day.

IMG_20200315_203139_01.jpgEm is talking a lot more and being more expressive and communicative with us. She now has a favorite color (purple), a favorite shape (heart), a favorite animal (bunny), and loves mermaids. She is also wanting to dress herself and put her own shoes on. She will also let you know if she doesn’t like the clothes you picked out for her. Em is definitely an oldest child and if her sister is upset she will bring her toys or pet her hair or back to try to make her feel better. Em also likes having her hair french braided which we don’t know how to do you, though I am practicing. Thankfully my wonderful friend who watches the girls 3 days a week while I am working knows how so the girls can get their hair braided until I learn how.

IMG_20200315_155429.jpgEl still signs more than she talks and gets frustrated when she can’t communicate what she wants, but she is starting to catch up on her verbal language to where the guideline stuff says she should be. At her next wellness check up we are going to ask the pediatrician if she thinks we should get El evaluated for speech therapy. El loves stuffed animals and Baby Shark. She is a lot like I was at her age and doesn’t have a lot of patience for coloring and has a bit of a temper. She also has a tendency to yell at people who are doing their job, like servers at restaurants, cashiers, and the people who were painting my friend’s apartment. We aren’t sure why she feels she needs to scold them, but we are hopeful she will explain once she starts talking more.

IMG_20200323_170006.jpgTogether, the girls give each other hugs and hold hands while on walks. They also blow kisses and give hugs goodbye to people they like. They also love going to church and playing in the nursery and the playground we have. Their favorite part is the swings followed closely by the slide. Unfortunately all of the playgrounds in our community are for much older kids and don’t have swings so we can’t really play at them for a while yet still.

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