Waiting for My Cycle and More Info

Hey all, we are still apparently in the waiting phase of this cycle. My period was doing a weird start stop bit a week after I stopped the birth control so Dr. Amols had me come in to do a baseline ultrasound to see if we could figure out why it wasn’t just starting.

We couldn’t see anything on the ultrasound, everything looked good, but I hadn’t shed the old lining. We had two options at that point, start me on Provera to jump start my period or go ahead and start the meds. An old lining lowers the odds of implantation so we decided to go ahead and start the Provera to get a clean start. The last day of Provera was the 13th, so I should have started my period by today which hasn’t happened. We have another appointment with Dr. Amols tomorrow to discuss our options if the IUI doesn’t work this time so we’ll also discuss my period still not starting with him. the last 2 times I took Provera it took a full week and a half after the last pill for my period to start so we’ll see what he says.

I’m still trying to be positive about this cycle but it is hard. Since an IUI hasn’t worked the last 3 treatment cycles it is hard to believe that it could possibly work this time too. I’m also starting to wonder if even an IVF cycle would be successful, though we would potentially have more information that would allow us to know why the cycles haven’t been working. It really does seem like we are beating our heads up against a brick wall sometimes.

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