Starting Our Fertility Journey

I had my routine yearly OBGYN appointment this week and discussed seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. The doctor I saw did say that the specialist I plan on seeing is someone they have recommended to patients before for fertility issues that are beyond their expertise or that they can’t diagnose. I also made my appointment with the RE this week. The appointment isn’t until next month, but I’m sure it will come up faster than it would seem. In the meantime I am going to try and relax and think of questions I want to ask the¬†Dr. Amols (the fertility specialist) during our consultation. Some questions I want to ask him during the fist visit are:

  • How do you determine what kind of fertility struggles we are having?
  • Which treatments have a higher risk of side effects?
  • Which treatments have a higher risk of high order multiples
  • Is there any genetic testing we should do before trying any treatments?
  • What should we do to increase our odds of the treatment working?

I’m sure I’ll come up with more before the appointment as well. I am also trying to find a subtle way of asking his opinion on selective reduction in cases of high order multiples. My husband and I are both against abortion as we believe life begins at conception and I would feel more comfortable with a doctor who shares this view, or at the very least would not try to pressure us into selectively reducing the number of babies.

I cannot help but wonder what will happen at the consultation or what will be determined as the problem(s) behind why we have not conceived. I am glad I am making an effort not to look things up online as you tend to only find that absolute worst things possible, which will not help my stress levels. We can only wait and pray that God will give Dr. Amols wisdom and guidance to find what is hindering us.

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