And Yet Another Ultrasound

The cyst has shrunk by more than a third
The deflated cyst, which looks a little like a deflated balloon.

So we had our 3 week follow up ultrasound to check on the progress of the cyst and see if it has gone away yet. Thankfully, it seems that the birth control has done it’s job and deflated the cyst in the ovary! The cyst now measures much smaller and looks kind of like a flattened blob. I also have fewer un-developed eggs in both ovaries which I think is also a positive sign as the mature eggs will be easier to see and count once we have started treatment. Dr. Amols said that I should finish the pack of birth control (which will be today) and then call them when I get my period again so we can do another baseline ultrasound before putting me on the fertility medication.

Dr. Amols said that with the size of the cyst now we should be able to start treatment this coming cycle, which is super exciting and feels more like we are actually doing something productive about the fertility issues. I know all of the testing is productive, but all of the waiting feels almost like we aren’t doing anything.

In non-fertility news I got to go to MN recently for my cousin’s wedding, which was fun. And I found out that Benadryl works well for my motion sickness on planes 🙂 I will also be going to Las Vegas with Matthew in not too long for a quick day trip which should be fun. I am also heading the “Secret Sister” program at church right now, which is like Secret Santa, but for the women of the church and it goes on for about a month before the reveal. It has been helping to keep my mind off of all of the waiting, which helps save my sanity. Other than that not much has been going on out of the ordinary of life. Hopefully more will be happening shortly.

We thank everyone for their continuing prayers and appreciate all of the well wishes and everyone willing to listen to me go on and on about this whole journey.

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