Finally Starting Treatment

Newest ultrasound, notice the complete lack of any cysts, yay!
Newest ultrasound, notice the complete lack of any cysts, yay!

So we had our cycle day 3 baseline ultrasound on Sunday and got some awesome results! We are ready to start treatment and try to get pregnant! I started taking Clomid on Sunday evening and will continue to take it for another couple of days and then we get to wait a few days before our next ultrasound on the 23rd to see how many follicles I have ready to go. If there aren’t too many (Dr. Amols has yet to mention what that cut off is) and they are ready to go, and my uterine lining is ready for pregnancy we will do the trigger shot and then 36 hours later we will do the IUI procedure.

I have to pick up 2 more prescriptions this week, the trigger shot and a progesterone support medication that does not sound like a fun time. I had thought to begin with that Dr. Amols would be doing the trigger shot, but I’m going to be getting it from the specialty pharmacy so I’m not sure anymore. Another question to ask him on the patient portal website thing that he uses πŸ™‚ Dr. Amols did say that it normally takes somewhere between 2 and 4 tries with IUI to get pregnant so we are optimistic, but understand that it may not happen this time.

Since I know people will ask so with the Clomid: I had heard so many horror stories about women getting absolutely psychotic on Clomid and being horrible people and yelling at everyone, hot flashes, weird cravings, pain, and all sorts of other side effects of this medication. I am apparently a lucky one? I have no hot flashes, no headaches or pain, and while some things to irritate me more than they did before I haven’t blown up at anyone or thrown anything at Matthew’s head. I do have to remind myself in my head that whatever it is isn’t that big of a deal or to chill out, but that’s about as far as the irritability gets. The complete lack of side effects does make me wonder if the medication is working at all, but we’ll find out on the 23rd if we need to go with something else.

Other than that not much has been going on, I am still doing research on baby stuff since that helps relax me and it is something that does take time. Matthew is still working a lot but we are having to save money to get the baby gear (why are things that you only use for 5 or so months over $100????) Prayers are greatly appreciated especially for Matthew and I to have patience and not stress if we don’t get pregnant right away.

God’s blessings to you all! πŸ™‚

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