Unexpected News

We had yet another appointment with Dr. Amols to try and figure out why I haven’t gotten my period yet. It has basically been about 4 months since my last one, and with a round of birth control (to get rid of that cyst I had a while back) and two rounds of progesterone supplements to try and force my period to start, we have been befuddled as to what exactly was going on. During the ultrasound we found out why the last round of progesterone did not work to start my cycle, my body decided to make an egg all on it’s own! As of the ultrasound yesterday morning I had 1 19mm follicle ready and raring to go. Dr. Amols feels that since my body made the egg without intervention we should try to get pregnant without intervention as well. What this means is we will not be doing another IUI this month and instead go with timed intercourse. This basically means that since I am close to ovulating we have been ‘prescribed’ to have sex every other day for the next 10 days to give us the best chance to conceive naturally. We are super excited that my body seems to have finally realized what it needs to be doing on it’s own, so maybe we won’t have to rely on the medications as much going into the future. We should know in about 3 weeks if we are pregnant, but we will probably not update on there here for a bit to give us time to tell immediate family first.

I have said more than once that we understand that this is all in God’s timing, and maybe my body starting to ovulate on it’s own is an indication of His timing. We have been praying that God would show us his plan and it seems that He may be doing that now. I want to again thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes during this process and sincerely hope that by documenting our journey here it may help someone else going through infertility as well.

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