The Natural Waiting Game

We are now past the fertile period for this past cycle. I’m still trying to get used to the idea that my body figured out how to ovulate on its own. I am truly hoping that this is God’s way of letting us know that we are doing things His way and He is giving us His blessing to go ahead and have our own biological children. I make the distinction of biological because I was starting to think that maybe God wasn’t letting us get pregnant with the IUIs because He had other plans for us. And He may still have other plans for us, but they may include biological children as well as adopted children. I have had a heart for adoption since I was in Jr. High School and I can not believe He would give me the consistent desire to adopt at that young of an age unless He intended me to have some part of the process. Matthew and I have discussed it and though he doesn’t have any issues with adoption, he has a great desire to have biological children. I have suggested that we do both, have a biological child and adopt a child. This solution makes the most sense to me and honestly made me feel at peace with the fertility treatments. I will be honest that in the beginning of this journey I was partially hoping the doctor would tell us that we couldn’t have biological children, that there was something seriously wrong with my reproductive system and it would never happen then we wouldn’t have any choice but to adopt. Within the past couple of months I have started to have just as strong of a desire to have biological children and go through pregnancy and all of the mess that goes with it as the desire I have had to adopt. I can’t help but think that this change may be God telling me that the idea of having one and adopting one is a part of His plan.

Physically speaking, I have been as emotional recently as I have been in past cycles when I was on the fertility medications. I don’t know if that’s a symptom of early pregnancy or it it is simply how I should have been feeling all my life because my hormones are finally getting evened out. I have also been feeling more tired lately, but this is also a time when my work is much busier so I have been stressed regarding how much work we have to get done in the amount of time we have to do it.

I feel redundant saying this, but we do truly appreciate all of the prayers, support, and good wishes that we have been receiving throughout this process and journey to parenthood and the journey we are taking as a family.

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