And It Starts

We had our first appointment with Dr. Amols! We got to talk to him about our history and other testing that we have gone through. After listening to our concerns, asking questions, and giving us some very helpful information, he decided to start with me and do an ultrasound to see what my ovaries and uterus look like.

My uterus looks healthy and the lining is healthy and a good thickness. My ovaries however are another matter. Typically in the ovaries you can see 6-7 undeveloped eggs lining the ovaries, these are eggs that started to develop and for one reason or another do not develop all of the way and therefore aren’t released. In my ovaries I had 18 in one and 16 in another. What this means is that I am rarely if ever ovulating. This fact combined with my incredibly irregular cycles means that I have PCOS or poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Our plan of attack for my fertility issues is first a medication to start my period so we can start making sure my fallopian tubes are not blocked.

For Matthew, he is going to be providing them with a sperm sample that they can check for sperm count, motility, and quality. He does have some symptoms for a issue called varicoceles which is basically like varicose veins but in one testicles instead of the legs. This condition can lower sperm count as the temperature of the testicles can get too hot. Once we know the results of the sperm analysis we can them progress farther.

If there is nothing wrong with his ‘swimmers’ then the course of action would be to put me on a medication called Clomid which basically will force me to ovulate properly and then have, what Dr. Amols calls “Time Intercourse”. If Matthew does have fertility issues as well we then have some choices to make. If his issues aren’t severe then we can go with IUI after the course of Clomid. If they are, the options we have are a sperm donor, IVF, or adoption.

We will know more once we have more test results. We want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and gratefully leave all of this in God’s hands.

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