And Still More Waiting

We are still waiting. I finished the medication that was supposed to start my period last Friday. Dr. Amols said it would take up to a couple of days after finishing the medication for my period to start, so I’m not outside of the norm yet, but patience has never been one of my strong suits. Hopefully everything should start up in the next couple of days. We are also still waiting on Matthew’s test results from the 17th. I have theorized that since we will be seeing Dr. Amols on the 3rd day of my period, he plans on just waiting to give us Matthew’s results then. I am trying to keep myself occupied with books and doing research for when we do get pregnant. I am an unrepentant planner and going through everything we will need to know and get once we are pregnant helps keep me calm and feel more prepared. Matthew is much better at being patient (or at least faking it) and doesn’t seem to be stressing about it at all.

We greatly appreciate your prayers and good thoughts. I definitely need them in these periods of waiting, and trying to keep my sanity. Everything is in God’s hands and we are trusting Him to get us though it all.

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