More Test Results and More Waiting

why-should-you-be-able-to-find-out-why-you-are-infertile-that-would-make-things-easy-b12ffWe got our most recent blood test results back. My prolactin has gone down, which is awesome. It’s down to 23.4 ng/ml, normal is considered between 4 and 23 so it’s a little high, but much better than it was last time. My AMH levels are at 2.49 ng/mL which is well within the normal numbers. So we are back to who know why the IUIs aren’t working. I’m starting to have to come to the realization that maybe me getting pregnant just isn’t in God’s plan for me, or at least not yet. Continue reading “More Test Results and More Waiting”

Back to the Drawing Board

Fertility Insanity
Yep, pretty much.

This cycle was a failure as well so now it’s back to the drawing board. Dr. Amols wants to do more testing to find out why the IUIs are not working. What we are going to be testing for is my prolactin levels again and my AMH levels. AMH stands for anti-Müllerian hormone which can indicate if I have premature ovarian failure and can be used to figure out what my egg supply looks like. If the AMH levels are low it can indicate that the likelihood of me conceiving and/or carrying to term are incredibly low. This would greatly limit our options for having children. I have had a couple of friends offer to donate eggs as well as to act as a surrogate. Matthew and I have talked about it and are praying about it.

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Finally Starting Treatment

Newest ultrasound, notice the complete lack of any cysts, yay!
Newest ultrasound, notice the complete lack of any cysts, yay!

So we had our cycle day 3 baseline ultrasound on Sunday and got some awesome results! We are ready to start treatment and try to get pregnant! I started taking Clomid on Sunday evening and will continue to take it for another couple of days and then we get to wait a few days before our next ultrasound on the 23rd to see how many follicles I have ready to go. If there aren’t too many (Dr. Amols has yet to mention what that cut off is) and they are ready to go, and my uterine lining is ready for pregnancy we will do the trigger shot and then 36 hours later we will do the IUI procedure.

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