Random Thoughts Before Appointments

So, our next appointment is in a few days and it got me thinking on a few things. We now know my prolactin levels are high (as previously mentioned), which makes me wonder if maybe I don’t have PCOS but I just have the high prolactin levels which are causing the symptoms for PCOS? This is something we will be discussing with Dr. Amols next Wednesday. I was told we would have to re-test the prolactin levels in about a month so I’m not sure if that means we will have to delay treatment or if we can go ahead with treatment and just test again in a month to see where we are at.

Another random thought I’ve had since we started this entire process is since we have been so open about going through infertility treatments, how long do we wait to tell people when we are pregnant. It won’t be a huge surprise for timing at least since all of that is going to be well planned out. We do definitely want to tell our family and close friends first, but since we have kind of put the whole process on the Internet waiting until after the first trimester which a lot of people do seems odd to me. We would be announcing shortly after the 2 week wait if we weren’t, so no news would kind of be announcing it without actually announcing it. So while we will (probably) be announcing the pregnancy during the first trimester, this also opens us up to more heartache should we have a miscarriage early in the pregnancy by having to tell people about it over and over again. About 8%-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage and the bulk of those are in the first trimester, hence waiting until until the risk of miscarriage drops. Granted that is also one of the perks of announcing the pregnancy earlier is having more support if we do suffer a miscarriage. Matthew and I have been discussing it and trying to figure out the best time to announce anything if it does happen.

We are ever grateful for everyone’s prayers and support though this entire process. I will update everyone again after the appointment on Wednesday.

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