Results and The Next Steps

We had our “what do we do now” appointment with Dr. Amols this week. We got all of our testing results and went over what all of it means, and discussed what to do next. We finally got the results for Matthew’s testing. There is good news and bad news. The good new is he has a super high sperm count and they are all of good quality, the bad news is he also makes a ton of the fluid that transports the sperm. The end result of this is that while his sperm count is high, it is also very diluted because of the high fluid amount.

With my results, we already knew I had the high prolactin levels which does mean I don’t necessarily have PCOS, but it doesn’t completely rule it out. We are going to have to test my prolactin levels again next cycle to determine if they are still elevated or if it was a one time thing. I have found some information online that indicates the medication I was on to induce my period may also cause high prolactin levels in some women, so this is something I have asked Dr. Amols about, but am still waiting on a response. We also now know that my Fallopian tubes are wide open and my uterus looks healthy as well, so the only thing preventing me from ovulating right now is the hormone issue. If the prolactin levels are elevated again next cycle we will have to look into why it is elevated.

What my results and his results together mean is that we will have to go with induced ovulation and IUI. This gives us a roughly 12%-14% chance of pregnancy every cycle, but also has a lower chance of high order multiple than some of the other options because we’ll be looking to see how many eggs are created while on the fertility meds and making sure we don’t induce the ovulation when I have a ton of eggs. In Dr. Amols’s words, “we don’t want to make you the next octo-mom,” which I appreciate. This option is also covered by our insurance and costs considerably less than options like IVF which have a high chance of pregnancy. Dr. Amols said that we should get pregnant within 3-4 cycles of our current treatment path so there may be a big announcement around Christmas or New Years 😉

In non-fertility related things (since, yes we still have lives outside of trying to get pregnant), Matthew and I are going to Las Vegas for my birthday this weekend which will be a lot of fun.

As always we know that the timing is the Lord’s and we are trusting Him regarding growing our family. We want to thank you all for your continued prayers and support and I honestly don’t think I would stay sane with out you all.

God Bless.

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