Test Results and More Waiting

The HSG was today. Everything went well, there was a little cramping but not as much as I had been afraid of. Apparently the horrible period cramps I had when I was younger prepared me to be able to deal with it. We got the results today as well and praise the Lord! My tubes are wide open and my uterus looks exactly like it is supposed to. There isn’t anything weird inside it and it is what would be considered a normal shape and size.

I also got the results from the blood draw they did last week. My thyroid function is normal, which is good, but my prolactin levels are high. The nurse who gave me the results over the phone said the normal range for prolactin when not pregnant or breastfeeding is around 14-20ish and mine is at 47. What prolactin is, is the hormone that causes you to lactate (produce breast milk). Basically my body thinks I’m breastfeeding, which can prevent ovulation, which will prevent me from getting pregnant. There are a few things that can cause this, but from the research I’ve done they can’t find any cause in about 1/3 of the cases of high prolactin levels. So this could also just go along with my hormones all being out of wack.

Now that all of the testing is done we will have another appointment with Dr. Amols to go over all of the results and decide on a course of action (and maybe finally get Matthew’s results). That isn’t for another couple of weeks so I get to practice the dreaded 2 week wait again.

We want to thank everyone for your continued prayers and support in this time of finding out results and figuring out what to do. The Lord has everything under control and will lead the way to His will!

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