No News is No News

So I’ve been asked a couple of times what all is going on with the whole have a baby thing. Unfortunately there simply haven’t been any news yet. We are still waiting on my period to start for us to start treatment. Dr. Amols does want me to go on a medication to kick start everything, but since the medication he put me on initially took longer than usual to work and can cause high prolactin levels in some people (which was what was wrong with me) I’ve asked him if he wants me to take the Provera again or if he wants to change the medication. Unfortunately there seems to be a communication breakdown somewhere in the pipe line and I haven’t gotten a response yet. I should be hearing from him by the end of today as to what to do and then start the medication to get the ball rolling.

In non fertility news life has been going crazy anyway since I’m the matron of honor in a good friend’s wedding and have been putting together the bridal shower (done!) and the bachelorette party (working on it). I also am planning a trip to Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding later in October, and I’ve been making websites for a science fiction convention and a church event so I’ve got plenty to focus on while waiting for treatment to start.

God does everything in His own time so there must be a reason for the delayed treatment, even if we never find out what it is. We want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes and will let you know when we have more information.

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