All the Marbles

I made a phone call yesterday that changes the tone of this cycle completely. I called our medical insurance company to find out if they will cover IUI. Unfortunately, the plan we have does not cover the fertility treatments themselves, and the plan that does cover fertility treatments is not only double the cost, but has a deductible that is over 2x what ours is now and basically doesn’t cover anything else. Our current plan will cover the ultra sounds and such before the procedure itself but we will be responsible for the labs directly related to the IUI and the IUI itself. As a result of this, this will probably be our last attempt at fertility treatments for a while. Thankfully, God has brought us to Dr. Amols who had already said he is willing to work with us to make this last cycle happen. Because this is probably our last cycle we are asking for prayers that this will be the cycle that finally gets us to our goal of having a baby. I have another appointment tomorrow to see how the follicles are growing and hope that the new injectable medication is working to get them growing quickly. Thank you all for your support through this whole process.

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