Third Time May Be The Charm

So we are now officially in the third cycle of treatment. Last cycle was another BFN and we are hoping this cycle will be the one. Dr. Amols said that if IUI is going to work, most couples will conceive by the third cycle. Since last cycle with 4, count them 4 follicles didn’t work and we had to do 2 more injections past what was originally planned we are going with a slightly more aggressive treatment plan with a different injected hormone at a higher dosage. Before I was taking Follistim which is a follitropin beta injectable hormone, and I will not be on Gonal-F which is a follitropin alpha (or alfa as the box spells it) injectable hormone. In doing my own research I’m not finding a lot of difference between the two medications. I have found 1 study (so take the results with a grain of salt) that says the follitropin alpha can have a higher chance for success than follitropin beta, but I’m also finding a lot of people that didn’t have success with alpha but did with beta. So it may just be how your body reacts to the different types of follitropin.

Our insurance changed at the beginning of the year so we get to find out if and how much our new insurance will cover for the IUI, but Dr. Amols is awesome and said that they would work out a payment plan or something that we can afford if the insurance won’t cover it. I’m not sure if I’ve said this before or not, but I love Dr. Amols, he’s as disappointed as we are when we aren’t pregnant and really cares about whether or not we succeed.

I can tell my body is doing weird things because of all of the treatments and everything. I am more weepy than normal even when I’m not taking the hormones, which I’m not sure is a good sign or not, lol! Everything else is pretty much the same as always, Matthew is working, Raiden is barking at the neighbors, and I am working and holding down the fort. We also want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes and for listening to me rant on occasion. It has been wonderful knowing I have so many supportive people around me and has helped keep me sane.

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