Almost Done With The Waiting

We are getting every closer to finding out if this cycle worked for us.

All set for the IUI. Everything we need for it on the table.

We had 4 good follicles for the IUI and a 25 million count, so that is in our favor. A little less than a week from now we find out if we finally get a baby 🙂 Dr. Amols said that if the IUI doesn’t work this time it is likely there is something else going on preventing conception and we should do more tests. I started to wonder this cycle if it is possible my egg quality is crap since it takes so many more hormones to get my follicles fully mature, but the only way they have of looking at that is the blood test they did at the beginning and my age. Unfortunately our next step would be IVF or adoption, neither of which is really in our price range. We want to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this journey and hope we will have some good news to share in not too long.

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