And Yet Another Cyst

We had another doctor’s appointment with Dr. Amols last week. During the ultra sound we found that while my uterine lining is fine, which was a possible concern as the fertility meds can possibly cause the uterine lining to thin over time. We did find that we will have to skip another month as I have a cyst in my right ovary that is about the same size as the ovary itself. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the cyst and the ovary in the image. Because of the cyst I am on birth control again since it worked well to clear the last large cyst I had. Getting birth control for only one month is definitely an experience. It completely confuses the people at the pharmacy. Both times I’ve had to do this they have asked me if I’m sure that they don’t want me to set up automatic renewal or call the doctor’s office to make sure it should have refills on it. It helps them understand when I explain to them that the birth control is simply to get rid of a cyst in my ovary so we can try to get pregnant. The pharmacist the first time apparently hadn’t heard of this before and got really confused anyway. We have another appointment in 2 more weeks to see if the cyst has gone down enough to start treatment again. More details when we know more!

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