More Test Results and More Waiting

why-should-you-be-able-to-find-out-why-you-are-infertile-that-would-make-things-easy-b12ffWe got our most recent blood test results back. My prolactin has gone down, which is awesome. It’s down to 23.4 ng/ml, normal is considered between 4 and 23 so it’s a little high, but much better than it was last time. My AMH levels are at 2.49 ng/mL which is well within the normal numbers. So we are back to who know why the IUIs aren’t working. I’m starting to have to come to the realization that maybe me getting pregnant just isn’t in God’s plan for me, or at least not yet. Dr. Amols wants me to make another appointment for the third day of my next cycle so we are waiting on my period to start again. I’m at cycle day 26 so I’m going to call on Monday and see at which cycle day he wants to start me on the medication to start my period if it doesn’t start on it’s own. Matthew and I have discussed it and we do definitely want to try at least one more cycle, but we also want to get Dr. Amols’s input as to whether or not he thinks we still have a shot of IUI working for us. I am not comfortable with going to IVF so we aren’t sure where we will go from there. If Dr. Amols does feel that IUI will definitely not work for us I will probably broach the subject of a surrogate. A very good friend of mine has offered to not only donate eggs to us but also be a surrogate for us, which would potentially help reduce costs since we could do and IUI with her instead of having to risk IVF, she also has a very regular cycle so we probably wouldn’t need to worry about fertility medications, either.

I am also see a chiropractor in connection to a car accident I was injured in at the beginning of February. While my back is feeling better now, it is also possible that the alignment fixes could also increase my fertility odds so here’s hoping 🙂 I also got a new car as a result of the accident since mine was heavily damaged. So far I really like the car, if I end up really, really liking the car I’ll give the make and model, don’t want to endorse it when I’ve only had it for a week.

Other than all of that not much is going on, I am currently planning a trip with my sister to Las Vegas for a Brooks and Dunn concert in May which will be fun. Also, a bunch of relatives are coming down to visit this month so it will be nice to see them.

Thank you everyone for keeping us in their thoughts and prayers and for listening to me rant 🙂 God bless!!!

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