One Last IUI

Gonal F pen in case with needlesSo this is really going to be our last IUI. The statistics say that if an IUI doesn’t work after 4 tries the odds of an IUI working is less than 10%. This is basically because if it doesn’t work after 4 tries that means there is likely something else going on that is preventing us from getting pregnant. I started the medications to make me ovulate on Tuesday. Hopefully since my body seems to be cool with ovulating now it will take less meds to make this cycle happen. This cycle I will be taking Femara and Gonal-F. Our next appointment is Monday to see where we are with the follicle growth. I’m hoping there is more growth after this round of meds than we have had in the past.

We again want to thank everyone for their thought, prayers, and support as we go through this process.

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