All the Doctor’s Appointments

This has been a week of doctor’s appointments. They started yesterday to see Dr. Amols to see how my body has been cooperating with the medications and see if we needed to up the amount of meds I’m taking. Imagine the surprise the doctor and I had when I had a bunch of large follicles in my left ovary. He was surprised enough to actually say “wow” when we saw how many there were. The nurses who have been there while we have been going through this process were excited for us too because they remember the cycles in the past when we were having to order me more meds mid cycle and taking twice as many injections as I was supposed to need just to try and get 2 follicles to maturity. Because there were so many large follicles Dr. Amols wanted me to come in again today to see what was growing and what was just big. In the ultrasound today we saw that 5 of the follicles are growing well, yay!! Dr. Amols was joking with Matthew that we were going to be having quadruplets because of how many good follicles we have this cycle. He wants me to do another injection tonight to make sure those 5 follicles continue to grow well and go back tomorrow morning to see where the growth is at. I’m probably not going to be doing the trigger shot until Thursday and the IUI on Saturday, but Dr. Amols wants to keep a close eye on the follicles to make sure I don’t spontaneously ovulate and lose them. This will not only be the last cycle, but apparently the best one we’ll have with an IUI. We are super excited that everything seems to be going so well cycle.

Thank you all for your prayers and support through this process!

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