And On To Something New

We are now in another waiting phase. These things seem to never end. We met with Dr. Amols on Tuesday to discuss finances and our options. A cycle of IVF with a transfer is going to end up costing $4,800 minus whatever the insurance company feels like paying plus the medications. Fortunately for us, our prescription insurance is pretty awesome and will cover most of our medications, which can get really pricey. Continue reading “And On To Something New”

So Many Hormones

Like the title says, I have taken so many hormones this cycle. Beyond the 3 doses of 100ui of Gonal-F that I was scheduled to take, I also ended up taking an additional 75ui of Gonal-F and 225ui of Follistim. The additional hormones were because during the 2 ultrasounds following the baseline ultrasound showed that the follicles weren’t quite growing as well as we wanted. With the additional hormones it looks like I will have 4 good follicles for tomorrow morning’s IUI. We are hopeful for this cycle and thank everyone for their continued support. I hope we will have some good new to share in a few weeks 🙂