Last IUI Two Week Wait

We are at our last Two Week Wait (TTW) for an IUI. We are hoping it is our last two week wait until we are ready to have another child, as well. The IUI went as well as it can. I am never going to say that it is a fun experience or that it is a comfortable one, either. To be honest, it kind of hurts both during the insemination and for about a day afterwards. During the insemination they use a speculum to not only make it so the doctor can see your cervix, but to open the cervix a little bit so he can get the catheter inside the uterus. Then he taps the top of the uterus with the catheter to cause cramping so when the sperm in injected it gets forced up the Fallopian tubes. While the cramping initially is a good thing, I have cramping for the rest of the day and sometimes for a couple of days after. We spent the rest of the day after the IUI relaxing and just spending time together. Our IUI this cycle has the best chance we’ve had yet. We had 4 fully mature follicles and 2 more that were at 13 mm at the last ultrasound so it’s possible they were mature enough at the time of the IUI so we possibly had 6 eggs this time around. I start the progesterone suppositories  tonight, which is rather irritating. I will be working a lot over the next two weeks so hopefully they will go by quickly with a minimum of stress. I have also started a sewing project to hopefully help with stress reduction which will help with the whole getting pregnant thing.

We have also gotten me a Total Gym type exercise machine in the hopes that it will be low impact enough to allow me to get into better shape than I am. All of the research I have done has indicated that the better shape I am in the easier and healthier my pregnancy will be. I have also been thinking about whether or not I should start looking at baby stuff again. On the bright side being as prepared as possible (I know no one is ever fully prepared lol) does help with my stress levels, but at the same time it can end up being rather depressing if we don’t end up with a positive.

We are praying not only that God will give us the child we have been praying for, but also for calmness and peace during this wait.

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