Half Way There! 

We are now a little over half way through our TWW! Six more days until we know if our last IUI has worked and we are pregnant. There can be a lot of anxiety during this wait, and it can sometimes feel like it will never end. Since it is month end my job is pretty busy so I have that at least to keep my mind occupied. I have also been sewing a bit which helps keep my mind off of things. I’ve had random nausea off and on the last couple of days, though that can be caused by the progesterone supplement I am taking to help support a potential pregnancy. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but progesterone is what causes a lot of the pregnancy symptoms including nausea, breast tenderness, irritability, and emotional craziness. So far I am experiencing 3 of these symptoms. I know the irritability is not helped by how busy we are at work, and the paranoia regarding whether or not enough progesterone is being absorbed by me body. It can be hard not to second guess every symptom I have,  wondering if it is different from previous cycles or could indicate early pregnancy. I have found that mentally repeating how fertilization and implantation work helps stop some of the over thinking. It takes roughly a week from ovulation for the fertilized egg to reach and implant into the uterine wall, and another week after that for my body to generate enough hormones to be picked up by the home pregnancy test. Knowing there is nothing I can do to find out earlier is super frustrating, but we have waited this long, one more week is doable.

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