Well, That Didn’t Work

If you haven’t guessed based on the title of this post, we got a BFN on the pregnancy test following our last IUI. We were really hopeful about this last IUI, but it is apparently not in God’s plan for us to get pregnant through an IUI. My period has already come and gone so we know the test wasn’t a false negative, too. We have an appointment with Dr. Amols on Tuesday to discuss going through IVF and the costs that go with it. Once we know the costs Matthew and I are planning on doing some fund raising like garage sales or bake sale type things to try and raise some of the costs that the insurance company won’t cover. I have also found a few grants that we might qualify for, though they seem more like a lottery or sweepstakes type thing than how I think of a grant. Most of them only award one grant a year (one is 1 grant every 6 months) so just because you qualify for it, doesn’t mean you will get anything. And when some of them have an application fee, it feels almost like we should be doing something else with that money. More research seems to be in order for that.

In not really fertility related news my work has finally hired more people so hopefully I won’t be working quite as many over time hours, which will be good for my stress levels. I know that the overtime makes for good paychecks, which does help with affording the fertility stuff, but the amount of stress I’m under during that over time makes getting pregnant harder so I think it kind of evens out. I am a bit less stressed since getting our second dog because I’m not as worried about Raiden being by himself while I’m at work. The neighbors who lived behind us and constantly complained about Raiden barking during the day have finally moved as well, which also helps reduce my stress levels.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers during this time and hope that God will finally give us the answer of yes, but everything is in His hands and His timing.

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