This is Really Happening

This is happening, we are really going to go through with the IVF this year. A few things have happened recently that have cemented everything. I got my retrieval calendar today from Dr. Amols’s office. This is the treatment calendar we are going to follow for when my appointments are and when our retrieval will be approximately. A lot of the concerns we had going into the in vitro fertilization cycle have been answered as well. We spoke with Dr. Amols and he is fine with doing all subcutaneous shots as well as using the progesterone suppositories for after the transfer, which means my phobia will no longer be as much of an issue with this process as we had initially thought. We will still have the blood draws and an IV for when the retrieval happens, but the numbing cream will help with that. The other primary obstacle was the financial one. in vitro fertilization is not cheap, even though Dr. Amols has severely discounted prices compared to most clinics. Our insurance will cover our medications which is a big help, but even beyond that it will cost about $4,800. This includes everything including the retrieval, fertilization of the eggs, storage for 6 months, and the first transfer. The financial burden was a big concern for us, and I was thinking that perhaps the cost was God’s way of closing the door on the fertility treatments and telling us that this wasn’t the plan for our family. We have been praying that He would make His plan for us clear, and recently He did. Some of you may know that I was in a car accident in February that totaled my car and caused neck and upper back pain. The car was replaced and I saw a doctor which the insurance company paid for. We recently heard from the insurance company that handled the claim and found out that they are sending us a check for $4,100 so we don’t sue them later (which was never something we had even considered). This eliminates a huge portion of the cost of the IVF. I don’t think we could get a more clear answer as to whether or not this is God’s plan for our family.

As I said earlier we got our calendar for the retrieval today, so we now know when things will be happening. We are currently looking to start follicle stimulation on October 26 and the retrieval will be sometime between November 4 and November 9. We would really appreciate prayers, especially concerning peace for me for the multiple blood draws we will need and the IV for the general anesthesia for the retrieval.

Thank you everyone for your support this far and for all of your thoughts and prayers!

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