Getting Closer

We are starting to get closer to doing our retrieval. Matthew and I drove to the pharmacy yesterday to get all of the meds I will need for the retrieval at the end of the month. We got a lot of boxes of medications, needles, bandaids, alcohol swabs, and finally a sharps container. I’m starting to feel more like a drug addict than I did before, at least it’s all prescribed? This cycle I will be taking Gonal-F (a follicle stimulation medication), Menopur (another follicle stimulation medication), Cetrotide (a medication to prevent early ovulation), and doxycycline hyclate (an anti-bacterial, which I’m not sure why I’ll be taking). We also got our trigger shot yesterday, but we need to talk to Dr. Amols because it is an intramuscular shot and we were supposed to be doing all subcutaneous shots. I’m sure it was just a mix up and we will get it taken care of on Wednesday when we see him again. The gal at the pharmacy also told us we have amazing insurance. We have been hearing that a lot through out this entire process and after researching the meds I truly am thankful for Matthew’s insurance. The pharmacy added up all of the medications without insurance and it would have come out to a bit over $4,000. We ended up paying $210 total for all of them. I don’t think any of this would have been possible without the insurance covering our medications. God is so good to have brought Matthew to the job he has now. Not only are the hours super flexible so Matthew can be at the majority of the appointments, but the insurance has been an absolute blessing.

We also have four appointments this week. One on Tuesday for the pre-IVF blood work to do a full STI panel and check what my blood type is to make sure there won’t be any adverse reactions to the baby’s possible blood type. Matthew knows his type so we don’t need to do the blood typing on him, but he will have to go through the STI panel, too. We also have three appointments on Wednesday at Dr. Amols office. One is a sonohysterogram for me to make sure I don’t have any fibroids or polyps in my uterus that would prevent implantation of the embryos. Matthew will also have to go through another semen analysis as there is something they need to test for for the IVF that they didn’t need to test for with the IUI. Our last appointment on Wednesday is to fill out all of the paper work that goes along with the IVF, including waivers saying we understand that there is a risk of multiples and possible ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. We start the meds on the 26th so only a few more days until we know how many eggs we have to work with! I am starting to get excited and a bit nervous as we get closer to the point of no return for this process, but I know God has a plan for us and we trust Him to lead us in His plans for our family.

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