Things Never Stay the Same

So the name of this game seems to be inconsistency. Our transfer date is no longer January 19, 2017. In fact we no longer know when our transfer date is.

This is because we are not doing the progesterone in oil (PIO) injections and are instead doing the progesterone suppositories. The suppositories are not as potent as the PIO so we need my body to create some of the hormones on it’s own. This means we will not be doing the standard frozen embryo transfer (FET) protocol. I got a new calendar from the doctor’s office and it looks an awful lot like an IUI calendar… fact the bottom of the calendar mentions insemination! Basically we are going to be doing a more ‘natural’ FET cycle which is very similar to an IUI. We will be doing follicle stimulation medications (Femara and Gonal-F) to create follicles and grow my uterine lining, then we will trigger ovulation, and 1 week later (just heard back from one of the IVF nurses) instead of doing an insemination we will transfer two embryos. This means my body will treat the pregnancy more naturally and produce some of it’s own hormones. This new protocol also means I will have having fewer blood draws since we are not monitoring the hormones as closely. I am currently on birth control to make sure we don’t have any cysts come stimulation time and will go off of that on December 29th. After that it is just waiting for my period to start so we can start the medications and hopefully end up with a successful pregnancy.

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