Getting Closer!

We are at the end stages prepping for the embryo transfer! Leading up to the transfer I’ll be taking Femara and Gonal-F. If this sounds familiar to anyone, it should. I am basically doing the prep for an IUI (intrauterine insemination) and instead of doing an frozen-embryo-transfer-medicationinsemination after triggering ovulation we will be transferring 2 embryos. The primary reason we are doing it this way, which is considered a natural transfer, is because of the type of progesterone I will be using. A normal FET (frozen embryo transfer) protocol basically shuts down your body’s hormone production so you have complete control over what hormones are made and how much you are getting. This method requires progesterone in oil shots (PIO), which are intramuscular shots typically done in the backside. I am not very flexible so I would need Matthew to do the shots for me, which means he would have to be home at the same time every night to do the shots and that isn’t possible. The whole needle phobia thing doesn’t help either, lol. Because of this I am going to be doing a gel progesterone suppository¬†and will need to be making some of my own hormones.

I also have an awesome, prayer has been answered type news! I recently heard from the insurance company that handled the last accident we were in. They will be sending me a check for $750, which will cover all of the remaining IVF expenses. Before we started the IVF part of our journey I wasn’t sure if this was the right direction for us, but God has shown us that this is His plan for our family and provided the money for it to happen. God is good and does provide! I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support for us in this process we really appreciate the support group we have in our family and friends.

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