We Have a Date

Hi all, I know it’s been a bit since the last post but we finally have news beyond I’m giving myself injections. We finally have a date for our embryo transfer. At our appointment yesterday Dr. Amols said my lining looks great but the follicles (which we want so I make some of my own hormones rather than just relying on the progesterone suppositories) aren’t quite ready yet, he wants to give them another couple of days to grow so our transfer is now scheduled for January 23, 2017! This is a rather significant day for Matthew and I anyway as it’s our dating anniversary as well. For us this means our babies will be transferred on our 13th anniversary of being together. We are very excited and optimistic about the transfer, God has led us this far and we believe He will continue to bless us and show us His plan for our family. With the transfer on the 23rd, our beta test (a blood test to check my hormones to verify a pregnancy) will be February 2. Because we want time to let close family and friends know about a positive pregnancy test first, I won’t be updating with any results for a few weeks after the beta test.

The transfer is so close and I am starting to feel more like I now have a deadline for my planning stuff. I’ve already started making a list of all of the different websites and registries that give you free samples and hope that I’ll be able to start using my list soon. Once I have the list finalized I’ll post a copy here on the site so someone else doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel.

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