Transfer Day!

img_20170123_135217Today was transfer day! Not the worst experience I’ve had through this journey but was definitely not fun. You bladder needs to be completely full to help them find the uterus and to help flatten it out to make putting the embryo in easier. Unfortunately I’m a bit of an over achiever so my bladder was so my uterus was too flat. This means I had to partially empty my bladder to relieve some of the pressure on it, which is a lot harder than it sounds like. Even after that they were having a hard time finding my uterus, but it has a curve to it so we needed my bladder completely full to flatten it out so they could be sure they were putting the embryos where they needed to go. To see the uterus they did have to apply a lot of pressure with the ultra sound machine which with a full bladder is rather painful. We got through it, though and now are pregnant until proven otherwise (PUPO)! I am now under the same restrictions I would be with a positive pregnancy test because we are basically assuming I’m pregnant. I am also going to be part of a study my doctor is doing to determine exactly how early you can test for pregnancy after a transfer. So I now have appointments for blood draws on the 28th, 30th, and 1st. We could, therefore, conceivably know we are pregnant Saturday or Monday! Because we want to let our family know about a positive test first I will not be updating with a result one way or another for a bit to give us time to do that as we have out of town family we will need to tell.

We want to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers and thank God for providing an amazing doctor and the funds to pay for the procedure.

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