Life After Loss and More Waiting

It’s been a bit over a month since we lost the pregnancy. In some ways life hasn’t changed much. I was only 6 weeks along when we lost the pregnancy so I only had some very early signs of pregnancy like bloating and some mild nausea. Those have both left and my body is basically back to how it was post transfer. I actually lost some weight after because for the week after surgery I didn’t eat much due to a lack of appetite. The surgeon did say that was normal and that unless my weight dropped dramatically not to worry about it. My appetite has returned to normal, though I haven’t gained the weight back (which I’m ok with). In some ways it has. Mostly in the fact that I don’t have to be as careful about what I eat anymore and I’m also not stressing as much over when I have to take a pain killer for my arthritis or my allergy medication.

Up to this point we were waiting for my cycle to start again so we could do another transfer. Unfortunately transfer wise, my cycle came too late this month. With the timing, when I would be doing the transfer I will be out of town which kind of makes that rather hard. Because of this we are going to have to wait until May for our next transfer cycle. The cycle tracking app I use says that my next cycle should supposedly be the first week of May, but my history states that we can’t rely on that calendar to be accurate at all. I think a month off may be a good thing, let my body relax and reset after all of the hormones.

We do appreciate all of the well wishes and prayers and are looking hopefully and prayerfully to the future and what God has planned for our family.

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