Starting Up Again

It’s that time again. My cycle has started anew and we are now going through our 2nd frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle. I had my baseline ultrasound yesterday morning and started my medications. I’m taking Femara and Gonal-F again this cycle. Because last time I had to do extra injections we are upping my initial injection dosage from 100iu to 125iu to see if that makes a difference so I don’t have to do as many injections. My doctor also gave me samples for a numbing patch to use before my injections called Synera which is a combination of Lidocaine (the main ingredient in the numbing cream I was using) andĀ Tetracaine which is another form of topical anesthetic. It is better than the numbing cream I was using in that it does numb more than the cream I was using before and it works a lot quicker than the previous cream. The Lidocaine cream I was using took an hour to take effect and was only effective for about 20 minutes. This new patch works in about 20 minutes and is effective for about an hour, which is much better. Now I need to find out of our insurance will cover the patches so I can use those instead. Our next ultrasound is on the 5th, which will check my lining thickness and follicle growth to see if we are close to triggering ovulation so we can do the transfer.

Selfie in DC
Matthew wasn’t a fan of me taking a selfie of us at the Lincoln Memorial.

In unrelated news, Matthew and I recently went on a fun vacation with my family to Washington, DC. We spent a week there and got to see a few of the Smithsonian museums as well as the National Zoo which was a lot of fun. The only real downsides were that my dad got sick towards the end of the vacation and it was so cold and humid there. I was really glad we had brought my wheel chair because my arthritis wouldn’t have let me do as much as walking as we had done. We had a fun time and it was nice to have some time not stressing or thinking about the fertility stuff.

We would also like to again thank everyone for all of their well wishes through this process and through the loss of our last pregnancy. We are every hopeful and praying that God will bless us with the child(ren) we so desperately desire.

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