Transfer Results

We are at the point where we are comfortable sharing our latest embryo transfer results. manning twins pregnancy announcement with booksWe have actually know the results for a couple of weeks but didn’t want to share any news publicly until we had a chance to get used to the news ourselves and let our families know what happened. As many of my Facebook friends now know the previous transfer was a success! Our ultrasound on this past Wednesday showed both embryos implanted and are growing well, which means we are expecting twins. Our due date is in March of next year. Our next ultrasound is this week when we will be able to hear their heartbeats. We don’t know yet what the genders are because we didn’t do any genetic testing on the embryos. We don’t plan on doing any genetic testing during the pregnancy either, so we will find out during the 20 week anatomy scan.

We are both very excited and thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes. At this point what we need most is prayers for a healthy pregnancy and that both babies continue to stay healthy.

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