12 Week Update

12 Week Pregnant Bump

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted but to be honest I’ve simply lost track of time. I am officially at 12 weeks so I have 1 more week until I’m officially in the 2nd trimester! According to my pregnancy apps (I’m using 4) the babies are the size of a lime an apricot, a plum, a toy soldier, or a robo dwarf hamster. I’m not entirely sure all those things are the same size, but they all give about the same inch measurement with the comparison.

We have met with our OB once already 2 weeks ago and have another appointment on Tuesday. Because we are having twins the pregnancy is considered high risk so our OB wants to do extra monitoring with us. We will be getting an ultrasound done every 4 weeks starting on Tuesday to track the twins’s growth and make sure they are on track. His biggest concerns right now are preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and that one twin doesn’t grow as much as the other. He said that some differences in size is normal since they are siblings but he doesn’t really want to see more than 20% difference in size. Preeclampsia and gestational diabetes are both more common in twin moms because they are caused by hormones and having 2 placentas increases that.

So far the first trimester hasn’t been too bad. I do have to watch my blood sugar more which means I have to make sure I eat at certain times or I start feeling really sick. I haven’t had too much morning sickness which is a huge blessing. Mostly just consistent nausea and only a couple of bouts of throwing up. The last couple of days I have had a lot less nausea so that gives me hope that I won’t be sick throughout the entire pregnancy. The sudden lack of nausea also makes me a bit nervous that something may be wrong even though I know it’s not likely and that at this time it’s normal for the nausea to start abating. I haven’t really had any cravings yet, but I’m sure it’s not far away. I have also started wearing maternity pants already because my normal pants don’t fit anymore.

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