After Transfer Feelings

We are just over a week after our transfer, and the week has thankfully gone by very quickly. Like last time we are planning on not revealing the results of the blood tests for a bit yet so we can tell our families first. I have been really emotional this past week. The progesterone seems to have hit me harder than it has before. I am going from being very optimistic about the transfer to very pessimistic, which is a little bit of a rollercoaster. Unfortunately for Matthew, he doesn’t have much of an option as to whether he is going along for the ride. He has been super patient and supportive, and I’m not sure how I would be doing with out that support. We have our first beta test tomorrow, which means I am going to be an absolute basket case at work. The blood draw is in the morning and I am having Dr. Amols’s office leave a voicemail with the results so Matthew and I can listen to it when he gets home that night. Since they usually call with the results around 12 or so that means I will have about 10 hours to stare at my phone knowing the results are on a voicemail. Thankfully I shut in my own space at work with only a couple of other people so my random yelling at my phone won’t disturb too many people.

On Facebook today I had one of those messages about a memory from a couple of years ago. 2 years ago today I made my first post about going through infertility. 2 years ago yesterday we had our first appointment with Dr. Amols. 2 years ago we started the process of medications, treatments, failures, tests, and heartache. 2 years ago we started sharing our infertility journey in the hopes of normalizing the conversation about infertility and to give hope to others going through this process. We also hope that through publicizing our struggles and journey that God will use us for His purpose and maybe help someone else figure out His plan for their life.

We are truly thankful for all of the prayers and support we have received over the last 2 years and pray that soon will have some positive news to share with everyone in a few weeks.

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