Week 34 Update and Remembering

This week is a bit bitter sweet for us. We made it to 34 weeks and the twins are doing great. Baby A is back to being breech (darn it!) but they are both healthy and that’s the most important thing for us. This week also marks the 1 year anniversary since we lost our first set of twins due to an ectopic pregnancy and when my Fallopian tube ruptured. Looking back a year to what we went through and what we have gone through to this point, it’s amazing to me how God works through tragedy to lead us to His plan for our lives. Last year, when we first found out we were pregnant we were very excited, but had to contemplate what we would do with the 2 embryos in cryo that we hadn’t transferred. We knew we didn’t really want more than 2 kids, but being pro-life we never considered just ‘disposing’ of our 2 remaining embryos. We discussed donating them to another couple who couldn’t create their own embryos, as that is how a wonderful couple we are friends with were able to have their oldest son. That seemed like the best plan for us, but then the question of do we offer them to someone we know first or go through an embryo adoption agency needed to be answered. God answered that question for us and showed us that donating them to another couple wasn’t the plan for our 2 remaining embabies, who are now due to be born in about 4 weeks. Through the tragedy of losing our fist 2 babies we have grown to trust God more and grown closer together. The journey of infertility is an emotional one that can show you just how strong you really are. I don’t know how we would have handled the loss of the first pregnancy or found the strength to try again if not for our faith, and truly feel blessed that God has provided us this opportunity to grow our family. I think Valentine’s Day week will always be a little hard for us, but it is also a good time to remember that God is good, even when we are hurting and don’t understand His plan for us.

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