Week 35 Update

We are close to the end now! We only have 2ish weeks left at this point before our cut off week at 38 weeks, and it is speeding up. We had a doctor’s appointment, a specialist appointment, and a hospital tour this week. Every week is getting more and more busy and it just doesn’t feel like we have enough time left anymore. I’m very excited to finally meet the girls, but at the same time just kind of wish I had a few more weeks to get everything put together. I’m still feeling well though my back and hips start hurting if I walk around too much anymore. Too much now seems to be more than from the car to somewhere sitting again. I’ve also actually started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions finally. I felt 2 over night, but that’s been it so far. But that I am feeling them means they are getting stronger so we are getting ever closer to meeting these precious little girls.

At our OB appointment we saw Dr. Guzman again, everything is going well. The girls passed their biophysical profile with flying colors. The ultrasound tech said that with a lot of babies she has to wait for them to practice breathing, but our girls do it almost constantly, which is great. They are also moving around a lot still which is a good sign for their health. We did discuss scheduling an induction/c-section for our cut off week so we are on a schedule rather than trying to get in last minute, so we’ll probably do that in the next few days.

At our specialist appointment, Matthew’s mom was able to go with us and see the ultrasound. The girls were not cooperating very well yesterday so we didn’t get a lot of pictures and the tech had a hard time getting their measurements. They haven’t grown since the last growth scan, but the measurements are an estimate only. Their blood flow looks great still and they are moving great so they aren’t concerned about their health at all, which is good. We are back to they are healthy, but just small.

We also got a few of answers during our tour of the hospital we are going to be delivering at. We were the only twin parents at the tour so a lot of the information they had regarding where labor and delivery is and that kind of thing. Dr. Guzman told us that we will be delivering in the surgery suite no matter how the girls are born just to be on the safe side because we are at a higher risk for a c-section, so some of the things that are available in the normal birthing rooms aren’t available for us because the surgical suite needs to stay in a certain condition in case of a c-section. We did find out that some of our questions are at the discretion Dr. Guzman or the nurse on staff, such as if I can bring my own hospital gown or if there would be somewhere for Matthew to shower if he has to come to the hospital straight from work.

pink and purple excersaucers for twin girlsMatthew’s mom was also in town this week to help us clean up the house really well/start packing in preparation of moving into the house we are buying (and a huge thank you to both her and my friend Kyrie for helping us clean for 2 days, the house looks great and we couldn’t have done this much without you!). She also went to a consignment sale with us on Wednesday where we got some great baby stuff for a really good price. We found 2 Exersaucers, that are a gift from Matthew’s sister (thank you!), that match and a nursing pillow designed for twins, along with a bunch of other stuff which we are excited about. We still need to install our car seats and get them inspected and set up our mini-crib next to the bed for the girls to sleep in the first couple of months. We are excited to be getting everything put together and set up for the girls arrival and are working on the logistics of moving with 2 infants.

We are asking for prayers for the continued health of the girls and that they will start growing again so they don’t have to spend any time in the NICU or special care nursery. Also that they will finally both go head down so I can avoid major surgery. We are really grateful and blessed to have all of the support we have from all of our friends and family.

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