Week 33 Update

33 weeks pregnant with twinsWe’ve made it to 33+5 weeks! Every additional day at this point is another day the girls get to put on weight so we are grateful for every day they stay put. We are really hoping they stay put at least another 4 weeks if not all the way to our cut off week. We had 2 doctor’s appointments this week, one with our OB and one with the MFM. We also had a little bit of excitement this week after our OB appointment on Wednesday and after the MFM appointment Thursday evening. At the end of our OB appointment Dr. G asked if we had any questions for him. I had had a pretty bad headache that started on Sunday afternoon and didn’t go away and was causing double vision and more floaters than I normally experience. I had tried Tylenol and tea to try to make the headache go away, but nothing was working. When I asked Dr. G what I could do to help the headache go away he got rather concerned. My blood pressure has been normal, but with a headache like that it can be a sign of early or mild preeclampsia which can be very dangerous. Because I am at a higher risk for preeclampsia anyway due to being pregnant with twins and having gestational diabetes he sent me to the hospital to be monitored and tested. Everything came back normal except my LDH was a little high. While I was being monitored we did find out that I have probably been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a while, I just didn’t realize it. I had a couple while we were there and didn’t feel anything. Because the LDH was a little high which can be an indicator of preeclampsia the OB at the hospital wanted me to do a 24 hour urine test to make sure. When we returned with the urine sample from the 24 hour test they re-ran my labs and put me on the monitor again. All of the labs came back normal again, which means I do not have preeclampsia as of current, but I started having a lot of contractions while I was on the monitor. I never felt any of them though so they were not very strong ones. But they kept me on the monitor for a couple of hours just to make sure they were not getting stronger or more consistent. Thankfully the contractions were all Braxton Hicks so I was released. I was told it is normal for me to have a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions at this stage of a twin pregnancy. At my MFM appointment on Thursday (before returning to the hospital with the urine sample) we found out that the girls have gained a little over a pound each! Baby A is now 3lb15oz and Baby B is 3lb12oz! They are so close to 4 pounds which was my original goal, and now I’m thinking I may have been a bit conservative on that. Baby A was also, finally, head down during the ultra sound. That was another goal we had in that Dr. G is comfortable letting me try a vaginal birth if Baby A is head down. We are willing to do what ever it takes to get the girls out and healthy, but if I can avoid major abdominal surgery we would prefer that.

In not really baby related news we are also in the process of buying a slightly bigger house so we’ll have 3 bedrooms and an actual dedicated office space instead of using a bedroom as the office. The house we are looking at is close to our current home and will fit our needs perfectly.

We ask for continued prayers for the girls’ health and growth that they continue to grow properly so they are as healthy as can be when they are born. We also ask for prayers that we able to buy the house we are looking at and get moved as quickly as possible even though we will be moving while having newborns. Thank you everyone for your support, prayers, and well wishes throughout this entire journey! We can’t wait for Emily and Elizabeth to meet all of you.

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