Tests, Tests, and More Tests

A bit of a TMI warning…..though that’s kind of entirely what this blog is….my period finally started! It took a little over a week after I ran out of the meds for it to start, but Dr. Amols didn’t seem concerned. So now we can finish the rest of the tests and hopefully get some results. My 3rd day blood tests will be tomorrow morning, and the HSG will be next Tuesday. I’m super nervous about both. I have a moderate needle phobia so any blood work makes me uncomfortable, but Dr. Amols is awesome and called in a prescription for a lidocaine cream to help dull some of the pain associated with the blood draw. We have found that pain management combined with Matthew being with me have helped with the anxiety around needles. For the HSG I have heard both that it isn’t that bad and that it is the worst pain you will ever experience. One person suggested requesting a muscle relaxer of some kind to help keep everything relaxed which can help with the pain. We are also hoping to get the results for Matthew’s testing tomorrow when we go in for the blood test.

In non-baby related news we will probably be getting a security door for our house soon. We’ve been in our house for the past almost 3 years and I have been wanting a security door since we bought the house. I am excited that we might be able to answer the door without worrying about Raiden running out of the house.

We do appreciate all of your prayers and will keep you updated.

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