Prepping for the HSG

TMI warning, those who think talking about medical procedures is gross should probably not read this one. So, the HSG is tomorrow! I am so nervous about this procedure. What they are going to be doing is putting a catheter up past my cervix and into my uterus. They are then going to inject a contrast dye and take a bunch of x-rays. The goal of this is to see if my Fallopian tubes are blocked. If the dye leaves the tubes and spills into my abdominal cavity then they aren’t blocked. As it is at its core a series of x-rays we should get the results shortly after the procedure so at the very least we will have more results tomorrow. The main reason I am nervous about tomorrow is I have heard from other people who have gone through it that there are cramps that go along with the procedure. The range I’ve found for the cramps is normal period cramps to the worst pain they have ever experienced. Now, I have fractured a vertebra, but that doesn’t mean cramps hurt any less. I messaged Dr. Amols to find out what I can do to prepare for the procedure and mitigate the cramping I will probably end up with. The response I got back was to take Ibuprofen about an hour before hand. He obviously has more confidence in over the counter pain killers than I do. We are also hoping we will be getting the results from Matthew’s testing tomorrow so we can know where we stand completely.

Prayers for tomorrow would be greatly appreciated. That the cramping wouldn’t be too bad, my anxiety being reduced, and for the results of the test. If my tubes aren’t blocked then we can go ahead with starting treatment to try and get pregnant this cycle. Dr. Amols had said that his goal was to achieve a pregnancy this month (read cycle) so we are cautiously optimistic 🙂 I will probably do another post tomorrow or Wednesday to let everyone know how the HSG went!

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