Ultrasounds and Disappointments

So I had another ultrasound today to see how many follicles I had and if we were ready to go to the next step of ovulation and then the IUI. Unfortunately, I only have two follicles growing and they both seem to be growing slowly. Dr. Amols said he would prefer to see three follicles for an IUI. Because the follicles are growing slowly I have another ultrasound on Wednesday to see if there is any progress with the growth of the follicles. If there isn’t he said we would need to do an injection of hormones to try and kick start the follicles. It looks like Clomid alone won’t be able to get my body to cooperate with the whole ovulation thing and I’ll be doing injectables with the Clomid for future cycles. Unfortunately this puts a huge kink in things timing wise since Matthew has limited days off and it’s not easy for him to get random days off of work. We are hoping that if the IUI needs to be on a day he doesn’t normally have off one of his friends will be willing to take his shifts so we can make this happen. I know everything is in God’s timing, but it is also frustrating when we are just almost there and still can’t do anything. We appreciate all of your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for us, that I have patience with how long this seems to be taking and that Matthew is able to get the time off that he needs for the procedure.

3 thoughts on “Ultrasounds and Disappointments

    1. 100 MG for days 3 to 7. My doctor said he wanted start at a higher dosage and then adjust from there. There are more follicles than I normally have without the meds, they just aren’t growing as fast as he would like.


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