New Year, More Waiting

It’s been a while since I’ve given anyone an update on the whole fertility thing. I finished the medications for this cycle and had 4 good follicles, yay! The follicles were all growing a little slower than Dr. Amols would like so we did the injections for a little longer than last time and they were a good size when I did the trigger shot on Sunday. Our second IUI was yesterday which is awesome since our insurance changes next year because the company my husband works for bought another company and for some reason is switching everything over to the other company’s stuff including the benefits. The coverage should be about the same, but we don’t know for sure if they will cover all of the medications and everything else the same, so we are really hoping this cycle works out for us 🙂 My work is going to be super busy for the next month or so, but that can be a good thing since it will help me keep my mind off of the two week wait and stressing over whether the IUI worked or not. My sister posted a meme on Facebook a few weeks ago of women’s names who will get pregnant/have a baby in 2016 and my name was on it, so I’m hoping it is a sign that this will happen for us this year 🙂

We want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and for keeping me sane though this whole process and hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and has a happy New Year!

The First IUI

We had our IUI today! It was a bit more painful than I had expected it to be, but we got it done. Dr. Amols is really good about taking your mind off of what is going on during the procedure. we also had an awesome sample to use. Dr. Amols said we needed 5 to 10 million sperm for good chances of pregnancy. Matthew must have heard 5 times 10 because we got 50 million sperm to use for the IUI. This is great because with only 2 follicles we need all of the help we can get and more sperm means higher chances of success. Continue reading “The First IUI”

No More Waiting

Finally! I have two good, mature follicles at about 20mm each so we are good to go with the IUI! I will be doing the trigger shot tonight at 9pm on the dot so that 36 hours later at 9am on Sunday morning we can do the IUI. I am so excited that we finally get to do the procedure because it feels like we are actually moving forward with the process instead of just more waiting. And yes, I am quite aware that there will be even more waiting after the IUI to see if we are pregnant, but that is waiting for an actual result rather than waiting so we can wait some more. For the shots, I only had a panic attack the first time I tried to give myself the shot. the second time was much easier, and the nurse at the office said that the trigger shot is just like the hormone injections needle size wise. Continue reading “No More Waiting”

And the Injections Start

We had yet another ultrasound today and the follicles still aren’t growing well. As a result of this Dr. Amols is starting me on Follistim injections. I already gave myself the first dose and the second dose will be tomorrow morning, happy Thanksgiving to me. We will do another ultrasound on Friday to see if the injections have helped. We are not aiming for the IUI being on Sunday or Monday, assuming I react correctly to the injections. I am super grateful that I have a very understanding doctor and that Dr. Amols prescribed me a cream with lidocaine in it to help numb the area where the injection will be. I’m starting out at 100 (I don’t know the units) today and will be doing 75 tomorrow. I’ve been more emotional today already, but I’m not sure if that’s because of my phobia of needles or the meds working really well. I am praying that it is the latter :). As a side note, since we will want to be telling immediate family first I won’t be mentioning any results of the IUI (good or bad) for a few weeks longer after we find out. Work is also about to be absolutely crazy for the next couple of months so posts may be less often than the appointments anyway, lol.

We feel blessed by all of the prayers and support we have been getting and thank everyone for listening to me whine and rant about this whole process. God bless 🙂