No More Waiting

Finally! I have two good, mature follicles at about 20mm each so we are good to go with the IUI! I will be doing the trigger shot tonight at 9pm on the dot so that 36 hours later at 9am on Sunday morning we can do the IUI. I am so excited that we finally get to do the procedure because it feels like we are actually moving forward with the process instead of just more waiting. And yes, I am quite aware that there will be even more waiting after the IUI to see if we are pregnant, but that is waiting for an actual result rather than waiting so we can wait some more. For the shots, I only had a panic attack the first time I tried to give myself the shot. the second time was much easier, and the nurse at the office said that the trigger shot is just like the hormone injections needle size wise. The process is slightly different because it has the right amount of medication in it already and I need to remove air bubbles before injecting it. the instructions that come with the shot do say to insert the needle at a 45 degree angle, but the nurse said that is mainly so the needle stays in the subcutaneous fat under the skin. Since I have more fat in my stomach area than the needle is long I don’t need to worry about the angle. I suppose that’s something in my favor for being my size, lol. As I mentioned in the previous post (and will probably mention again in the next post) we will not be announcing the results (positive or negative) of the IUI for a few weeks after we find out so we can tell our immediate families first if it is positive, and I don’t want people to be going, “of course it’s positive, it’s been 2 weeks and they didn’t say there weren’t pregnant”.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and again thank everyone for their prayers up to this point. More prayers that the IUI will be successful and we will get pregnant would also be very much appreciated. Thank you all for your support and God bless! 🙂

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