The First IUI

We had our IUI today! It was a bit more painful than I had expected it to be, but we got it done. Dr. Amols is really good about taking your mind off of what is going on during the procedure. we also had an awesome sample to use. Dr. Amols said we needed 5 to 10 million sperm for good chances of pregnancy. Matthew must have heard 5 times 10 because we got 50 million sperm to use for the IUI. This is great because with only 2 follicles we need all of the help we can get and more sperm means higher chances of success. Matthew was also able to get the day off of work so we got to spend the entire day together, minus me taking a nap after we got home from lunch and shopping with mom. I’m still having a bit of cramping which I have been told is normal for the IUI. For the procedure a speculum has to be put in just past the cervix (which stings and burns) and then the catheter has to tap the back of the uterus (which hurts a lot) so the uterus will cramp and contract and shove the sperm that’s put in to the Fallopian tubes. I got to lay there for a good 10 minutes afterwards and then that was it. The cramping has gotten slightly worse throughout the day, but I didn’t take any pain killers before the procedure so it’s kind of my own fault.

I know I’ve said this in my two previous posts but I feel the need to mention it again. You will probably not hear from me for about 4ish weeks or so because we want to be able to tell our immediate families any news (good or bad) before the world at large. This does mean that I will be in the middle of the next cycle if this one didn’t work, but that’s just how it is going to have to be :). We are forever grateful to everyone for their prayers and well wishes and ask that they keep coming for the next couple of weeks as we enter the dreaded 2 week wait where I will be on more hormones and go insane from not knowing lol.

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