And Stalling Out Again

I’ve had 4 appointments in the past 4 days. At each appointment I’ve had an ultrasound and we have found that over the past 4 days my follicles have not grown at all. Yesterday and today we did blood tests to check my estrogen and progesterone levels. Both days my progesterone has been fine, but my estrogen levels are very low, which explains why my follicles haven’t been growing  and why my uterine lining was much thinner than it normally is. As a result of my estrogen levels being as low as they are we have decided to call off the cycle this month. As this is likely our last shot for a while it is not worth the risk of having a less than ideal environment and hormone levels for pregnancy. I have one more appointment next week for this cycle to make sure that I have ovulated on my own. After that we will be waiting for my cycle to start up again so we can start all over. It is very disappointing that our cycle has been cancelled this month but we have already waited this long and I want to do what is best for our remaining babies in cryo.

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