Starting Up Again

At our last appointment we found that the cyst I had is functionally gone. What that means is that the cyst has deflated enough that it is no longer a concern. My lining was too thick to try to do the transfer in June still so we had to wait for my cycle to start up again. We are at the point where my cycle has started up again and I am once again taking the meds to make follicles grow so we can try another transfer. We have run into an issue where we found out our prescription insurance apparently has a cap on the fertility medications that was not disclosed when we chose our insurance. According to the insurance representative this doesn’t mean they will stop covering our medications, just that the co-pay will change. Unfortunately the copay now seems to be 100% of the medication cost which pretty much means they aren’t covering the medications anymore. We are currently going through the process to appeal their decision, but in the mean time we have had to pay for my Gonal-F completely out of pocket.

I have another ultrasound on the 29th to determine where the follicles and lining are at for the next transfer. Hopefully we will not have an issue with my estrogen or my lining thickness again this month. Last transfer cycle I had intentionally cut all foods that acted like estrogen in the body out of my diet and think that may be part of the reason. I talked to Dr. Amols about it and he said to not intentionally cut anything out or add anything to make sure I don’t throw anything off. I will be drinking my pomegranate juice and eating my pineapple again this cycle as it is what I did in January.

Please be praying for my hormone levels that they will be within the norms so we can do the transfer this cycle, also that our 2 little embabies survive the thaw process and implant successfully.

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